Welcome to SpamScout!

The SpamScout project is designed to protect against the negative impact of malicious and potentially dangerous phenomena on the Internet. First of all, this service will help Internet and hosting providers to protect their subscribers from hacking their sites, from receiving a large number of spam mailings or from attempts to guess passwords for servers and equipment.

For ordinary users, this resource will allow you to quickly check whether any malicious actions were performed from his IP address, which may directly or indirectly be caused by a virus on the computer or that some other unscrupulous user is also working from the visitor's IP address.

Internet and hosting providers can, freely and with the necessary periodicals, receive lists of blocked IP addresses, using the data from the "Providers" section.

Users, using the "Check IP" section, have the opportunity to check for the presence of their IP address in the blocking list. In case of IP blocking, the user can automatically unblock his IP on the same page. At the same time, some restrictions are imposed on unlocking, making frequent automatic unlocking impossible.

The SpamScout project, based on the observation of Internet network activity, provides information for informational purposes only.

The administration of the project is not responsible for any material and non-material damage that may be caused as a result of adding an IP address to the blocking list.